About Us

Easybee products was started by Mike Roberts over 30 years ago and has millions of bees in 300 colonies spread over a 50 mile radius mostly in the Cotswolds area .

Nuclei APRIL/MAY. 5 frames Hoffman BS National £160.00 each headed by a Carnolian queen with brood in all stages and covered with bees in a disease-free traveling box.


  • Order early for April-May.

  • ALL April- May orders have to be COLLECTED due to bad delivery services and possible queen damage.

  • Add £30 for delivery depending post code Mainland only.

  • Bees for Busness The 25 working hives will cost £250 each = £6250 and should return you about one ton of honey, on average a jar of honey sells for £3.20 a lb there is 2240lbs in a ton thats £7168.0 per season

  • All nuclei will carry a health certificate for a small fee.

We import a large amount of queens for early April to replace the overwinterd queens in our breeding hives we buy the best Queens money can buy.  

These Queens are especially gentle easy to handle; they produce a lot of brood, and are well known for collecting large amounts of honey, The Queens come into this country with full UK disease free health certificates all the worker bees are taken out of the traveling cage and replaced, the queen is then introduced to the new breeder hives.  

We did breed all our own queens every year up to 3000 a year but 85% were wasted. it is almost imposable to have good breeding Queens mated for April in the UK the weather being against us, the queens did not mate properly even in June/July, the queens hatched but it was so cold or raining she had to delay her mating flight up to a fortnight then she became sterile, we would have to cull up to 1000 at a time, in the end we decided it not worth the money.  

It being easier to pay for well mated produced queens.  

Mikes 5 frame nucleus starter hives have been a great success up to 500 nuclei are produced on 5 frame "British Standard Nationals " the boxes and bees have varroa strips included and are posted all over the UK, some are posted overseas. The nucleus is prepared the year before and has a laying carnioli queen, lots of brood eggs, & flying bees.   

The Queen Bee is the most important bee in the colony. She has a larger body which allows her to lay over 2,000 eggs a day. Her main job is to lay the eggs from which all the other bees of the hive develop. The queen is different from the workers. She never collects food and depends on the workers to feed & groom her. The carnioli bees produce beautiful snow white cappings, they pack the brood box for winter, feed on less food than most bees, and are very prolific in the spring.

You wont be disappointed with your queens.  

  • Breeding Season starts April /May weather permitting

  • Queens and drones are dark/ gray 

  • Very gentle bee 

  • Bees produce very white cappings  

  • Bees pack the brood nest with honey for a cold winter  

  • Bees fly in cool weather 

  • Bees produce a lot of honey 

  • The breeding of the brood starts early in the spring and make big colonies so swarm control is a must  

You are welcome to visit our breeding yards a quick phone call is all we require.

Many beekeepers have purchased used Second hand equipment from Auctions and retiring beekeepers thinking they have saved the bank balance.

What they have actually bought is black wax comb contaminated with harmful chemicals full of disease spores AFB EFB Nosema Chalk brood Wax moth Parasites that will last for many years in the wax. To discover the newly bought nucleus are slowly dying from disease spores contaminated from the old wax. Old comb will last for 30 years or more its bad practice to use it no matter who or what is said for it. When first buying a nucleus of bees start the right way every thing should be new as possible, new Bees, new Queen, on new Frames, on new Wax in new a Box.

To prevent diseases in the future replace all used black combs in the brood box every two three years.