Shipping & Returns

Refund Policy No refunds once the bees have been ordered and non return deposit paid or in full. Orders are not finalized until payment is made in full.

No check payment accepted on pick up CASH ONLY 

We have spent time and resources to ensure you get your bees. Any and all issues with the bees must be addressed with Easybee products when the bees are picked up or at the time they are delivered. It is the buyer’s responsibility to inspect and find such issues at the time of pick up or delivery.

Should Easybee products be unable to provide you with your bees we will refund you your money in full, or credit you to the same order next year at no additional cost even if the price changes. This credit applies only to the following year and not further into the future. Refund will not be issued if you cause Easybee productsto be unable to provide you your bees for any reason.

Should the buyer fail to pick up or take delivery of their bees there will be no refund. Delaying a scheduled pickup time to a different time or date must be in writing or in email to Easybee products If the schedule date change is not accepted the bees must be picked up at the agreed time or the order will be cancelled without refund.

Payment is taken in good faith and allows for restitution for loss of other potential sales, should the purchaser not follow through on the purchase and / or pickup.

We have great empathy for our customers and their bees. However, please note queens / packages and / or hive performance and survival are not guaranteed.Easybee products has no way to ensure proper care of the bees or their environment once they are in your possession and management. It is easy for a new beekeeper or nature to kill a queen or a hive.

Further note, there are occasions’ when packages / hives may decide to supersede or reject the queen that so much effort went in to make. Some times a queen in a queen-cage will be rejected. Candy is often used to allow the workers to release the queen from the queen cage without beekeeper intervention. Sometimes the workers will eat through the candy faster than the worker population will accept her, in this case they would kill her.

There are no guarantees in life, there are none in beekeeping. If such a situation does not work for your way of life, beekeeping may not be the hobby for you. If a person is to be successful in any hobby: education, practice and perseverance are critical.

If our policy does not work for you, we wish you the best of luck with other suppliers.

Limited Queen Replacement Policy To qualify for a free replacement queen you must meet the all conditions:

If you buy a queen, there is no free replacement. 

If you buy a package: you will be notified by email when ready and be prepared to collect at short notice.

•You must notify us within 24 hrs of your intended pickup date.
•Your queen dies inside the queen cage having never left return the dead queen to us in the cage for a live one within 48 hrs.
•This policy does not apply to any package of bees purchased after 3 days of purchase.

Packages of bees purchased after this date are sold AS-Seen and once they leave our possession, the bees and queen carry no refund or replacement. It is suggested the person picking up the packages/ nucleus/ working hive/ queen check to make sure it is to there satisfaction, before leaving the pickup site. It is possible to check the queen without opening the package. A simple tap knocks the workers to the bottom of the package and you can see the queen through the screen.

If you pickup a nuc:
•You MUST notify us within 2 days of pickup
•You return the dead queen to us within 2 days.
•The queen has not been crushed
•The nuc must be inspected at the time of pickup. Any person picking up a nuc and chooses to skip the inspection accepts the nuc AS-SEEN and will not get a free queen or replacement.
All free replacement queens come in a queen cage and must go through the acceptance process. You are responsible for picking up the replacement, or the shipping cost. You are also responsible for the return of the nucleus hive package and dead bees. They need to be returned in the equipment they were provided in.

Limit 1 replacement provided free per person per year. Queen replacement does not apply for shipped bees or queen orders.

Losses for shipped bees are only covered if the post office insurance covers the incident. It is recommended that you take out your own insurance on any shipment of bees.

Queen replacement is subject to availability and is not guaranteed. We do not always have one to give out. This policy is done as a courtesy; there is no entitlement to a replacement.

Should you loose your queen within 1/2 days of your pickup, but do not qualify for a free replacement, please contact us. We would like the opportunity to resolve the situation. Sometimes we are able to offer a replacement at a reduced price.

Please do your best to not loose your queen. It is heart breaking to hear how something that was so much work to supply   is destroyed so easy.