Tips & Gadgets

LOST YOUR HIVE TOOL again, Never lose another hive tool again, Stitch a belt loop to your bee suit use a length of spring phone cord and tie your hive tool on one end and a key ring to your belt keep the hive tool in your leg pocket

Working in the rain make a 4 prong umbrella stand, take a 10x10inch steel plat weld 4 3inch bars on each corner,weld a inch tube in top center Stand on the plate to push the spikes in the ground then put the umbrella in to the top tube to hold it up and over the hive

BEND two 5m welding rods to shape and hang over the side of the hive to hold frames of bees out side the hive during inspection,

HOWS ABOUT THIS then cheep water/syrip drinking fountain. Take three-plastic 5 gal hand water containers food drums-fish oil-squash ( tin anything with a small screw top lid). Cut one drums in half top to bottom! Place flat side down fill the other two with syrup or water undo the screw top top and place the drum upside down in the cut half,the warter will stop when it covers the outlet a bucket of small stones around the outlet gives dry landing for the bees this will last for two three weeks. When waters gone empty the stones out and start again.

THE NEXT TIME you buy a new full bee suit from ask Mike to sow a water proof strip round the bottom of the leg. When you go to your bees and the grass is wet you don't get wet trouser leg bottoms.