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ORDERS ARE NOW BEING TAKEN. We breed and supply to the trade, Early Imported- Australian Queens - Carnolian Queens- Nucleus- UK Package bees, Brand new Plywood hives of bees, We send them all over the UK. Most of the nucleus are ordered and sold very early at

2. B.S.National working hive of bees; £360 ....collected only

3. Package bees 3 pounds Bees with Queen(swarm) £180each collected

4. Queens are now £45 deliverd. Special delivery next day,5.45 by R/Mail Please send;

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  • full-payment! Or 20% none return deposit Chq as above--> no pay-pal credit card.
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Send payment or none return 20% deposit to confirm your order to:-

order chq payment to: Easybeeproducts

Mike Roberts Easybee products,

High meadow,Henley bank,

Green lane,

Shurdington road,

Brockworth Gloucester,


Phone:01452 862420--07971806670.

Package bees consists of 3lbs of worker bees a new Queen shaken from over wintered UK hives into a specially made traveling box, 5 boxes are held in a crate for easy transporting, each box holds 1 liter syrup. Package bees queen (Swarm) comes in a none returnable box. The packages box doesnot have any frames or wax foundation SO carries no diseases. 1 box can be bought ONLY when separated from crate @ £180. When in stock and has to be collected when ready.

A pallet of 100 swarms in 20 crates = £175 each Savings on each box, collect, we can deliver POA

WARNING we can not keep the packages on hold max 5 days locked in there traveling box, We cant give exact time of delivery it all depends on availability of the queen the bees and the weather. YOU WILL have NOTICE TO PICK UP, Please place your orders and deposit early. Once we have shaken bees from our hives we cant go back for more.

Nuclei The turnover of the Nucleus are very fast, so the Queens-Bees and equipment-frames-foundation has to be renewed every day making everything new and disease free including the travelling box.

* Nucleus brand new 5 frames Hoffman BS National, £185 , Delivery £35 each headed by Carnolian Queen covered in Bees-Brood-Larvae-Eggs Disease free in the travelling box. Delivery for April/Aug.

* Order early short supplies.

* Queens Carnolian mated imported at £45 each deliverd April/August Order early. Invest in the best eliminate the rest.

You are welcome to visit our breeding yards a quick phone call is all we require,

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  1. DELIVERY of Live Bees in 5 Frame Nucleus

    DELIVERY of Live Bees in 5 Frame Nucleus

    5 frame Hoffman BS National, £175 each headed by a Carnolian queen with brood in all stages and covered with bees in a disease-free traveling box.

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  2. Bees for Business

    Bees for Business

    25 brand new standard national hives complete! With new Hoffman frames. Each with a young mated Carnolian Queen with brood eggs covered in bees all ready to start you on the road to your owning your own business.
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  3. A full Working Hive £360

    A full Working Hive £360

    A brand new B.S.National hive is picked at random and taken from one of our own honey bee stocks yards
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