It is vital that you have the right equipment for successful beekeeping to prevent disease and make your hives a success.

Make sure your equipment is adequate before buying.

Many beekeepers purchase second hand equipment such as black wax combs from auctions or retiring beekeepers as this can save money.  However, this equipment could be contaminated with harmful chemicals full of disease spores that will last for many years in the wax. To discover your newly bought nucleus are slowly dying from disease spores contaminated from old wax can be disheartening. Old comb will last for 30 years or more so we think it is bad practice to use it. When first buying a nucleus of bees start the right way. Everything should be as new as possible, new Bees, new Queen, new Frames and new wax in new a box.

To prevent diseases in the future replace all your used black combs in the brood box every two three years.

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