We produce and import the highest standard of bee to help you produce a good yield of honey.


Queens are available to buy individually and in bulk. Working hives or starter pack nucs with a young family headed by a Queen are also available.

The Queen Bee is very important within the colony. She has a larger body which allows her to lay over 2,000 eggs a day. Her main job is to lay the eggs from which all the other bees of the hive develop. The Queen is different from the workers. She never collects food and depends on the workers to feed and groom her and produce the egg laying cells. This means they control everything within the colony. The carnioli bees produce beautiful snow white cappings, they pack the brood box for winter, feed on less food than most bees, and are very prolific in the spring.

These Queens must be handled extremely gently or preferably not handled at all.  They produce a lot of eggs which, in turn, change into lava and then to a brood. The Queens come into this country with full UK disease free health certificates and will have been checked by DEFRA Inspectors before they are allowed to be introduced into UK hives. All the worker bees are taken out of the travelling cage and replaced, the Queen is then introduced to the new breeder hives.

Early ordering (around December) of nucs and working hives that have overwintered Queens is essential for supply in April/May/June, weather conditions permitting, due to high demand.

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