Easy Bee Products is the small, family owned business behind a new venture, growing Manuka Multifloral Bush honey in the Cotswolds.

What is Manuka Honey?

Manuka honey is collected from the wild Manuka flowers known as Leptospermum scoparium.  These bushes and trees are found in New Zealand, growing wild on scrub land. Through New Zealand’s scientific testing in 1981 it was confirmed that some Manuka honey contains a naturally present chemical called methylglyoxal, which has anti bacterial activity. The bushes have a unique Non Proxide Activity (NPA) and are now grown and cultivated for their rich flavour. The wood and leaves from the tree are even used to make Bushman’s Tea.

Easy Bees Manuka Multifloral Honey

Mike has been bee farming millions of honey bees for the past 40 years. The bees are constantly working multiple locations amongst the Cotswold Hills. 

He is passionately dedicated to bringing you delicious, healthy Honey from his bees. They work tirelessly from early April to late August, foraging amongst the pristine Cotswold Hills in search of the golden nectar from flowers.

Over the last six years Mike has invested his time and money into a new venture that involves finding and planting the right Manuka hardy bushes to grow in the UK. He has perfected the art of taking cuttings through triple tries and errors. He now has his own plantation of manuka bushes in his bee yard of nearly 1000 flowering bushes. This year his bees will produce this unique, naturally collected flavour of Multifloral Manuka honey from his plantation bee yard apiary. This means his many customers can enjoy the benefits of this type of honey, with more becoming available as the plants mature. 

The present New Zealand Manuka Honey is an expensive product. Our goal is to produce a Multiflora Manuka honey made in the UK, providing consumers with this already well known brand of honey at affordable prices. We want people to have access to this incredible honey, being collected and grown in the UK, and enjoy the benefits of natures best medication.


If you have any questions or would like to visit our breeding yards, please get in touch.