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25 brand new standard national hives. Comes complete with new Hoffman frames and a young mated Carnolian Queen with brood eggs covered in bees.  Everything you need to start you on the road to running your own beekeeping business.

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The bees for Business pack contains 25 brand new standard national hives. They come complete with new Hoffman frames and a young mated Carnolian Queen with brood eggs covered in bees. Everything you need to start your own beekeeping business.

Our experience has shown that the best way to start Bees for business is to start with 25 hives as this should pay for itself in a season.

The 25 working hives should return about one ton of honey. On average a jar of honey sells for around £4.20 a pound. As there is 2240lbs in a ton, that’s £9,408.00 per season plus you will have the bees ready for next year as long as they have been managed well.

The hive consist of a brand-new B.S.National brood box with a family of Carniolan bees on new hoffman frames, which have a new floor,new frame feeder and new roof. All our frames, hives, wax, bees and queens will be brand new overwintered. Everything will have a Ministry certificate of heath giving you a guaranteed treated disease start.

Collection is anytime in April/May/June/July/Aug. Please read our Shipping and Returns page for further information.

If you have your own empty hives you can look at the option of the package bees and queen.


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