Package Bees (3lbs of worker bees & a new Queen)


Worker bees and new queen shaken from our Winter hives.

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Our package bees consists of 3lbs of worker bees and a new Queen shaken from our wintered UK hives into a specially made traveling box. Package bees queen (Swarm) comes in a none returnable box. The packages is empty without any frames or wax foundation so therefore carries no diseases and reduces the risk of brood disease developing. It enables you to house any none standard hives with brand new wax combe. A deposit of £50 will reserve your package for a collection of mid-May to early June.

Please read our Shipping and returns page for more information regarding delivery.   WARNING we can’t keep the packages on hold, the maximum is 5 days.   We can’t give an exact time of delivery as it all depends on the availability of the queen’s the bees and the weather. You will be given 5 days notice to pick up your bees.  Once we have shaken bees from our hives we can’t go back for more.


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