Produced on our farm we have jars of luxurious honey for you to enjoy or buy wholesale for business use.


Our soft set honey has a creamy texture that has been cold pressed and extracted by spinning in a heat controlled room. It is then removed into a cold area and slowly agitated to stop it from granulating.  We can soft set any type of honey the bees collect with each variety differing in taste. Our honey can have a delicate or a strong flavour.  The majority of our honey will always spread easily off the knife onto your morning toast or pancake, with the exception of a few varieties having a harder consistency.  The main types of honey we have are Poly-Flora honey, which is a mixture of honeys that are not separated when extracted, Wild Flower Honey and Spring Blossom Honey.

If you own a business and want to buy 100% pure raw local honey for wholesale use please find our wholesale products below. These products are perfect for food retailers, restaurants, cafes or beauty brands.

Please read our Shipping and Returns page for more information about delivery or collection of these products, and related charges.